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2-Day Retreats 2019

THE DESIRE TO defy age is as ancient as human history and scientists say that just 10 per cent of ageing is down to genetics – the rest is down to lifestyle. Ask the Baby-Boomer generation about growing old gracefully and the collective reply is “No thank you!”.

Turning 40 is crossing the threshold into middle age – a time when even fit people begin to put on weight more easily, take longer to get fit and the body takes longer to recover from niggling injuries. The 2-day Super-Ager Fitness retreat is the closest you will get to an exercise pill: a back friendly, low impact, high calorie-burn programme. It will enable you to combat age-related changes and keep you looking years younger than you actually are.


During your stay you will quickly start to feel more engaged and more empowered, so that you really can make and maintain healthier choices when you return to your everyday life. It is about fitness but in a way that supports and celebrates your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Although the retreat is both physically and mentally challenging it is also inspiring, informative, invigorating and nurturing. You also will learn a capsule JumpGa programme that can be easily replicated at home.

You will follow an 8-16 hour intermittent eating pattern. You fast for 16 hours and eat what you want (within reason) during an 8-hour window, starting with a 10am a filling High Protein morning smoothie after the first training session and an evening meal at 6pm. Snacking during the 8 hour window is allowed.