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One-To-One Training

GROUPS ARE not for everyone. Just as there will be driverless cars, so health clubs will be digital spaces as well as “bricks and mortar” places.
As you enter your 40s your body gets worse at building and maintaining muscle, and you can lose as much as 1% of our muscle mass every single year. That continual loss doesn’t just affect your strength: low muscle mass is also a predictor of poor health in old age and even early death. There are simple exercises like the ‘Health Bounce’ that anyone can do to maintain muscle strength and power without going to the gym?
On-line, one-to-one classes open the door to everyone; because they are convenient, with no geographical barriers. A survey found that 82% of gym members would prefer a home fitness plan. With the aid of just a laptop, people around the world are working out under the watchful eye of a trainer, checking their every move over FaceTime.
Our studio is the place to go should you want a personal training session. An inviting and holistic space based in the heart of Fulham and just a few minutes, walk from Parsons Green Station. Parking is also available.

The first step is the easiest. If you’re too time-stretched to ever visit a gym; book a private, on-line consultation today.