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Lone W•O•L•F – Becoming a Super-Ager is written by Wayne Lèal, creator of JUMPGA. He has been described by the Telegraph newspaper as a ‘remarkable Super-Ager’. His JUMPGA training programme challenges the mind as much as the body. It has evolved as a consequence of him overcoming injuries to every major joint in his body through contact sports and motorcycle accidents. Initially, he had to exercise to stay mobile; now the act of exercising is an integral part of who he is and what he does.

He’s a staunch advocate of the martial arts, boxing, and yoga disciplines because of their united approach to mindfulness and movement. He says: all three emphasise self-control through breath awareness, rather than pure physical force. This is in stark contrast to many popular fitness activities that have an aggressive approach, often leading to muscle strain, joint pain, and ligament tears.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in your 50s or 30s, this insightful book gives you the tools to redefine the way you exercise to future proof your body.

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