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Group Classes

A JUMPGA CLASS is unlike any other instructor-led workout, with compound moves heavy on the body that use every single muscle group at the same time. The movements add up to a decent sweat. If you weigh 135 pounds, you’ll burn 185 calories by rebounding for 20 minutes.

Madeleine Howell Telegraph newspaper wrote; “The yoga element, culminating in the total relaxation of the Savasana (or “corpse”) pose, is made all the more gloriously de-stressing thanks to the intense cardio blitz that precedes it. The elastic moulds to the shape of your body, supporting your neck and back and minimising any usual discomfort felt in the neck and lower back”.

As you are weightless for a few seconds at the top of each bounce, the gravitational pull that comes into force as you come down again multiplies the resistance, puts all the cells and muscles under a consistent rhythmic pressure and hence strengthens and tones the entire body.

NASA research finds that rebounding can actually produce more work output than regular jogging.